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3 Ride Leader Guidelines
3.1.1 Before the Ride
● Arrive at the start point 15 minutes before the start time.
● Register all riders in their group and introduce new riders to the group. Collect the parent/guardian waiver for riders under 18 years of age. Note if any are “under 15” riders. They must have parent or guardian riding with them.  Click RBC Forms to get documents.
● Carry a mobile phone and have access to the names/number of ride members in case of emergency.
● Introduce yourself to the group as Ride Leader. Let the riders know you appreciate their participation and cooperation. Have the group introduce themselves, paying particular attention to new riders.
● Remind riders to inform the Ride Leader or another rider if they leave the route for any reason.
● Ensure everyone has the required helmet, lights, and ROAD ID.
● Brief the group on the route and any adverse conditions such as road construction or special event detours along the route.
● Review the pace, safety tip of the week, and rules of the road for the ride.

3.1.2 During the Ride

● RBC encourages ride leaders to enforce fundamental ride safety practices and to encourage positive riding behaviors for the benefit of the group and enjoyment of everyone in the group.
● Select a sweeper and/or leader for segments as needed.
● Keep the group on the pre-defined route.
● Maintain the pace at the advertised ride level.
● Never leave a rider stranded. Be prepared to assist riders with mechanical problems if necessary. If you aren’t adept at mechanical repairs, recruit someone else on the ride to lend assistance.● Maintain group cohesion; discourage break-always and wait for stragglers. Single riders are less conspicuous (less safe) than a group.
● Reinforce good ride practices; use hand-signals, pass on prompts, single-up when being passed or riding slower than traffic speed. If you observe unsafe actions, tactfully suggest they are endangering themselves and the group.
● Be cognizant of new riders during the ride. If they have overestimated their abilities and are not keeping up, go back and ride with them or secure a volunteer to do so. Dropping a rider is poor cycling etiquette. It could lead to a dangerous situation if the rider should crash, get a flat or get lost.
● When stopped make sure all riders are off the road.
● If a crash happens take notes on your mobile phone or otherwise for the required Incident Report.

3.1.3 After the Ride

● Ideally, the group leader waits at the ride completion to ensure everyone returns. Conduct a head-count to ensure no one is unaccounted for. Use your judgment to wait, sweep for strays, or use mobile phone contact numbers and call riders still out on the road. After 15 minutes, the ride leader may choose to leave.
● Debrief your group or individual riders on any ride behaviors that could use correction for next time.
● Turn in any Incident Reports and the ride roster to RBC.

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