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Please explore our site, and by all means join in on a ride or an event and discover the benefits of joining Reston Bike Club!  (No log-in is required).

Group riding can be rewarding and fun.  Group rides are a great way to improve your bicycling skills and meet new people.  The links below contain tips to help all from the beginner on the road or path to the fast rider in a paceline.  A lot of tips about riding in pacelines also apply to group riding in general.  And improving your skills help both your solo and group rides be more fun and more safe.

Many of us start bicycling as children.  And cycling is a great family activity.


The first half of is article is about safety and the second half of this is good general group ride info:


Many of the paceline "tips" in the second half of this article apply to group riding in general.


Great tips about riding in a paceline, especially about pacing yourself.


Excellent article from a Bicycle Accident Attorney that speaks out on some hidden dynamics that make group riding challenging and rewarding!


Great summary of group riding techniques, especially #12 and #13.


Group riding on a bike path has charms of it's own.  Here's a summary of bike path specific guidelines.


WABA-sponsored Legos teach how to ride in bike lanes.  Fun for all ages!

http://www.was a.org/blog/2013/12/women-bicycles-tip-learn-bike-etiquette-from-your-legos/

Riding in urban bike lanes is easier when you know the etiquette and lingo.


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