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Weekly Women's Ride

Weekly Women's Ride
22 Jun 2015 6:00 PM
Location: The Green Lizard

Registered attendees (6)

Date Name
22 Jun 2015 Palino, Karen
22 Jun 2015 Johnson, Kim
22 Jun 2015 Boyer, Angela
22 Jun 2015 Fengya, Donna
21 Jun 2015 Ceschin, Debbie
19 Jun 2015 Lafond, Kathy

Reston Bicycle Club | P.O. Box 3389 | Reston, VA 20195-1389

Reston Bicycle Club welcomes bicycling-related organizations and non-profits to apply for a grant to further their work. The Club will provide up to $1000 per grant request, if the request is approved. Grants will be reviewed at the next Executive Board Meeting following the request. Candidates will be informed of any decision after the meeting.

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