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Weekly Ride Information

The Reston Bike Club has several weekly rides.  You can expect ride events on  Tuesday/Thursday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

NOTE - Due to club insurance policy clarifications, all participants on RBC rides must be current club members. Guests may join a ride one time only as a non-member.

Remember: a full year's membership is only $25.

Monday     (April 3 - Sep 26, 2017)
Women's rides starting from Green Lizard Bike Shop in Herndon - click for details

Tues/Thurs  (Mar 28 - Sep 29, 2017)
The Tuesday/Thursday rides start at 6:00 PM from two locations in Reston and Herndon.  The Tuesday/Thursday rides run spring to fall from the beginning of daylight savings time to end of September.  Courses vary week to week for ride levels from 1-6.  Separate routes are offered for each ride level.   

    • Reston Location: Hunters Woods Shopping Center 2304 Hunters Woods Plaza, Reston, VA 20191. Park in the 2 far west lanes near Colts Neck Road.        
    • Herndon Location: 750 Center St, Herndon, VA 20170. Parking lot across from the Art Space building.
Wednesday (Mar 28 - Sep 29, 2017)   
Ride is co-sponsored with Green Lizard Shop Ride. 718 Lynn St, Herndon, VA 20170. Start in front of Green Lizard.  This is a 20 mile fast paced ride. 

Saturday    (all year)
These are social rides with an normally fixed course to start but may vary at the descrition of the ride leader.  There is a no-drop policy so that A and B rides can start and finish together at a pace that is enjoyable for all.  Occasionally, riders break off into smaller groups with similar pace.  Saturday rides start at 9AM Apr-Sep; 9:30AM Oct/Mar and 10:00AM Nov-Feb at the parking lot across from the Art Space Building in Herndon. 

Ride Level Descriptions

Group                 Average Speed        Average Distance &Style

  A or 1                        22+                  40 –100           Aggressive, Grueling pace

  B or 2                        20 - 21             35 – 75            Fast riders, Demanding pace

  CC or 3                     18 - 20             30 – 60            Strong riders, Demanding pace

  C or 4                        17 - 18             25 – 50            Average riders, Moderate pace

  D or 5                        14 - 17             25 – 40            Average riders, Slowing on hills

  S or 6                        12 - 14             15 – 30            Easy pace, New & casual riders

Keep safe and set a good example for other riders

Obey all traffic signs and laws!

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