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Leader Guide & Ride Etiquette

The RBC board and membership has adopted the following rules and guidelines for all club-sponsored rides.

RBC welcomes non-members to its rides on a one-time trial/guest basis. As such, we encourage and expect the following from members and non-members alike on each of our rides:

  » Helmet use at all times

  » Front white and rear red lights required sunset to sunrise. Recommend during twilight, overcast, 
     or low visibility

  » Courtesy to motorists, pedestrians and fellow cyclists

  » Observation of all traffic signals and applicable laws

  » Respect of the intended pace of the ride

  » Respect of the guidance of the ride leader and/or senior club member

  » Aero position is not allowed while riding in the group - just stay off the aero bars

  » One earphone is allowed for Ride with GPS, Turn-by-Turn directions. 

Ride Leader Guide

A) Before the Ride

Familiarize yourself with the route beforehand, either by riding or driving. If you cannot lead your scheduled ride, arrange for another rider to substitute for you. If you cannot find a substitute, call your ride coordinator.

Arrive at the starting place at least 10 minutes early. Bring these materials:
1) This sheet
2) Sign-up sheet
3) Two parental permission sheets
4) Plenty of maps/cue sheets
5) Two or three membership forms (print from website)
6) One LAB accident report form

You may submit an invoice for photocopying and mailing ride leader materials to the club treasurer for reimbursement.

Reston Bike Club
P.O. Box 3389
Reston, VA 20195

B) As People Arrive

Introduce yourself and give all non-members an RBC membership form. If you have a club jersey, wear it.

Get everyone to sign up (count heads to verify everyone has signed).

Give everyone a map.
Ask to see signed parental form for riders under 18. If they don't have one, have a parent sign one.

Leave extra maps under someone's windshield wiper. If stragglers catch up, make sure they sign the sign-up sheet.

Terrain, possible hazards on the route

C) Start of Ride

When it looks like everyone has shown up, review safety rules, including:

Ride single file on busy roads and stay to the right.

Signal your intentions to drivers and other riders, using hand and verbal signals.

Obey all traffic laws, including stop signs and lights.

Do not snake through stopped traffic.

Point out potholes, obstacles, glass, etc to the riders behind you.

Cross railroad tracks at a right angle.

Never overlap wheels.

Wear helmets properly, not loose or pushed back on the head.

Tell riders if they are going to stop or leave the route, to let you know beforehand.

If riders under 15 are present, explain to parents that their child is their responsibility and they must ride directly behind or in front of their child.

Also describe the route and ride:

Where rest or refreshment stops are. These are great places to gather a scattered group.
Heavily trafficked areas.

D) During the Ride

Keep track of riders. If a group of fast riders jump off the front, they're responsible for following the map and staying on the route.

If you ride at the front, appoint another rider to ride "sweep" at the rear.

If you lose track of someone, try to drive or bike back over the route to locate them. If you cannot, call them when you return home. A friendly phone call can make the difference in whether someone considers the ride a success of failure.

If you encounter problems with irresponsible or unsafe riders, especially children, correct them in the interest of other riders' safety and the club's liability. If the problem continues, ask the parent to intervene, and if he or she fails to do so, ask the parent to take the child home.

While it's not your job to do repairs, you may have new riders who do not have spare inner tubes, patch kits and pumps, or may not know how to use them. Be helpful when possible.

E) After the Ride

Solicit comments and write them on the back of the sign up sheet.

Call any riders you lost.

Note any corrections to the cue sheet, and send a corrected copy to your ride coordinator.

Let the ride coordinator know who may be interested in leading rides.

Mail sign-up sheet to ride coordinator.
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