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Please explore our site, and by all means join in on a ride or an event and discover the benefits of joining Reston Bike Club!  (No log-in is required).

RBC Weekly Women's Ride        (2016   Apr 11 - Sep 26)

The Reston Bike Club is happy to partner with the Green Lizard Bike Shop again for our women's ride series this season. The rides will start on Monday, April 11 at 6 pm outside the Green Lizard shop in Herndon. If you arrive early, please feel free to go into the shop, introduce yourself, browse, and enjoy a coffee or smoothie. A Green Lizard staff member will come with us on the rides and assist with any mechanical problems. Lisa Mackem will lead most of the rides and provide some cycling tips for new riders. Additional ride leaders will include Karen Palino, Kathy Lafond, and Erin Schultz. Additional ride leaders are welcome and encouraged. Please let Lisa know if you would like to lead a ride or lead a group if we split into more than one group on any ride. 

The rides will range from 16-30 miles based on the will of the group. All paces and women are welcome. These are NO DROP rides. Our pace will follow the will of the group. We encourage and will help with paceline riding for those who are new to it. Don't worry if you need a little extra time to climb a hill though - those of us who are good at climbing will wait at the top. (Incidentally, our rides will be through the Herndon/Ashburn areas, where the terrain is mostly flat or has moderately rolling hills.)

Rides will continue through September except for holidays, or when the risk of rain is greater than 50% at the ride start. Ride cancellations will be posted here and on the RBC Facebook page.

If you are riding home after the ride, use a head and taillight!

New and returning riders - join Lisa, Kathy, and Karen at The Breeze in Herndon on Sunday, April 10 from 4-6 pm. We'd love to meet some new riders and reconnect with our regulars. If you have any biking questions or concerns, ask us! If we don't know the answer, we will find someone who does. We're looking forward to another fun season!

The September 26 ride is posted. Click here for the route, and join us for a celebratory post-ride drink at O'Sullivan's or The Breeze. Remember your lights! 

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