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Over 380 riders gave us feedback through the post-ride survey. Thanks!

The results, along with the first 14 comments:

0-9 rating  (0=Bad, 9= Great)

Overall EVENT:      8.2

ROUTES:               8.0 

REST STOP:           8.2 


T-SHIRT:               7.6  

ADMIN:                 8.4 

  1. You all did an amazing job.  The route was very well marked, the rest stops were perfectly spaced, the volunteers were all helpful and friendly. 

  2. The W & OD Trail is dangerous to say the least given the amount of ride traffic in addition to the other weekend traffic out there.  Also didn't like the amount of stops/intersections particularly over the first 20-25 miles and coming back on the trail.  Course was well marked and aid stations were great. There were a couple roads where the pavement was real rough and hard on the bikes.

  3. T-shirt fabric does not breathe as well as some of the older versions.

  4. Great event perfect weather also helped snow cone my favorite

  5. Lovely event!  our favorite!

  6. The food wasn't very exciting - either at the rest stops or at the final event.   The ride was beautiful once we got out past Leesburg.    There were no lines at the rest stops, which was nice  One important turn not marked - right onto W&OD; I believe it was just after the construction on a bridge. Otherwise marking was excellent. T-shirt sizes for women ran quite small.

  7. Food afterwards absolutely excellent; just needed better serving utensils, and wish it had opened at 12:30. Overall, GREAT ride; I'll be back!

  8. A cycling Marshall called Boomer did an excellent job patching me up when I fell from the bike. The markings on the way back were not so great.

  9. Unfortunately, I did not attend the Town Center Party.

  10. Thank you, other than the T-shirts, which were an ugly color and ran very small (mens and womens) everything was very good.

  11. I enjoyed it very much! Looking forward to next year. Have you ever offered jerseys for sale? I would have bought one for sure.

  12. Just keep doing a great job.

  13. Wonderful day.  Did a little under 60 miles.  Would have a 50 mile ride as well.  Spokes was a great assist

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