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Over 340 riders gave us feedback through the 2016 post-ride survey. Thanks!

The results, along with the first 12 comments:

0-9 rating  (0=Bad, 9= Great)

Overall EVENT:         8.1                       

ROUTES:                  7.8 

REST STOP:             7.9 


T-SHIRT:                  7.5  

ADMIN:                   8.3

1.  It will be help if the routes are marked one weekend ahead of time so riders that get use to it. Other than that, the experience was exceptional.

2.  Liked the new road arrows, easy to ID turns.  Enjoyed that some portions of the 105 mile route were a little different than previous years.

3.  I had a really good time. Only had trouble following the blue markers at one point. On the cue sheet at mile 45.2 for the metric, it says to turn right onto Dry Mill ... where I think it should just be a continuation on the W&OD. But that was my only criticism. By making that right ... I ended up following blue markers back to that epic hill on Woodburn :P  Anyways ... maybe my sun-baked mistake but just something to look in to. Thanks for producing a great race!!

4.  The trail markings were the best I've seen in a couple of years of metric centuries--easy to see, frequent and clear. Well done.  Appreciate the work your volunteers put in to make the rest stops appealing and accessible. 
Especially liked the ice watermelon at Mile 56.  I liked the way the course threaded around the W&OD to provide variety and diversity.  Keep up the good work.  I'll be back.

5.  Great job again, thanks to all the volunteers.

6.  The Hamilton rest stop needed twice as many water containers as they had; they only had three, the line was about 25 deep for water when I got there.  Staff were apologetic; just something that could easily be corrected next year.  On the plus side, plenty of port-johns, so short or no lines of those, which was great!

7.  This is one of my favorite rides.  I've done the full 100 multiple times, the metric just a couple of times.  Liked the metric route a lot, although I always wish we had fewer miles on the W&OD."

8.  Should have given Medals for motivation and keepsake

9.  A couple of the direction arrows moved, just make sure they are well affixed

10. The route was great, however the cue sheet had the century as red, but it was marked in yellow. The cue sheet showed a turn to go down Dry Mill, but the marks were for the W&OD.

11. Excellent work as usual. Routes were better this year with more off-trail time. Thank you!  One comment for trail markers - the new arrows were great.  A little more heads up on any left turn at the bottom of a big hill would have been better.  The left turn into the neighborhood after crossing Rt 7 in Leesburg on the way out was quite a surprise to a bunch of riders - especially as many were running hard downhill.

12.  Way to go.  Thanks for the great event

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