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Please explore our site, and by all means join in on a ride or an event and discover the benefits of joining Reston Bike Club!  (No log-in is required).

RBC Membership benefits - A Terrific Value

Get riding

Join us for the fun, exercise, and comradery with cyclist(s) in the community. RBC provides frequent, organized, insured, group social rides on defined safe routes for cyclist(s) of all levels.

  •         Monday night ladies ride
  •         Tuesday and Thursday group rides
  •          Saturday group and endurance rides
  •          Sunday Training and/or Cruise Rides
  •          Lots of special event rides and social outings

Get free stuff

  •          Ride with GPS Premium features for Club Routes, a $60.00 value
  •          Access to RBC route library of over 150 routes from 10 to 120 miles long
  •          Insurance for all RBC sanctioned rides
  •          Retro-reflective safety ankle bands
  •          Annual member dinner
  •          Loaner bike travel cases
  •          Biking information Links for Local Bike Shops, Discounts, Nutrition, Safety tips, Coaching,

Get discounts

  •          Merchandise and local bike shop services (5% to 40% off)
  •          Adventure Cyclist books, gear and long distance route maps

Get involved

  •          Join: Become an active member, attend RBC Board meetings to help shape our future. Follow us on our Club Site and on Facebook.
  •          Lead: Become a Ride Group Coordinator or Leader to help organize and lead safe rides
  •          Connect:  With Impromptu organized group events through Meetup.
  •          Volunteer: Help needy children with refurbished bikes, free helmets/locks, and numerous other community events year round.
  •          Advocate:  Make cycling better. Join our enthusiastic advocacy for road markings, trails, and public education on safe cycling.

Your $25.00 membership pays you back with fun, friends, free stuff, discounts, and connections to community involvement. Join us today.

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